When building your online store, a good ecommerce website design is critical in attracting potential customers, providing an enjoyable user experience, and increasing sales. Designing for ecommerce differs from building a regular website in that you highlight products and craft a seamless buying experience for your customers. Make your site responsive or mobile-first on sex shop online A mobile-first approach to ecommerce website design is imperative. More than three-fourths of ecommerce shopping comes from mobile commerce (mcommerce), so it’s essential that your ecommerce website builder provides mobile-responsive (if not mobile-first) templates. Mobile-responsive templates display consistently across all devices, and they deliver an equally great on-site experience with zero to minimal design constraints. Keep It Simple Approach e-commerce website design from the perspective of shoppers. A good e-commerce website is easy to browse, easy to digest and makes every element purposeful. Keep your website design clean, clean and simple – focusing on sales and providing a positive buying experience for your customers. Provide a user-friendly interface According to a recent survey, convenience is the top reason people shop online. It’s no surprise, then, that one of the main reasons for shopping cart abandonment is poor navigation. A good ecommerce website design […] read more