A fortunate stroke of serendipity and avoiding ambiguity; that is what Shakespeare would have advised us for a successful startup! Well, that was back then when the world was spread across 7 different continents. But today, thanks to the internet, it is one giant piece of land where an individual can expect to meet a new nationality every other day! With social media taking over our lives, an average human spends countless hours in a day staring at his/her phone, scouting for things that are not even remotely related to them. And this has led the brainy and inventive businessmen among us to trade our commodities on the internet. Don’t they say, ‘catch the fish where it’s in the abundance?’ But hold on! There is one surprising thing to all of this, even though the world is glued to their smartphones and tablets, an average human spends only about 15 seconds on a website! That’s it. But should this stat shatter your dreams of a successful online startup and stop you from designing the website you had always wished for? Absolutely not! Here, we list down some of the essential points to consider before you take the first step in […] read more